Our Science


  • TMI Delivery System – TMI delivery system is a multi-component skin penetration enhancer kit developed at Vanton. It assists skin penetration for all emulsion based facial cream and is particularly effective in delivering ingredients to the epidermal layer for stimulation of collagen generation and for mitigation of collagen metabolism.

  • MIS Delivery System – MIS (Minimum Invasive System) carries ingredients through the skin without lowering pH, as oppose the most marketed de-pigmentation products.  This will prevent unwanted redness or breakout after application. For example,nearly all age spot whitening products on the market use low pH for skin penetration.

    Vanton’s MIS technology distinguishes itself from the pack. In addition, Vanton’s skin enhancement technology performs far better than the regular acidic penetration method. The benefits of MIS Delivery System include using lower dose (smaller amount needed), no surface residual material (because of better absorption; all are absorbed), and no possibility of irritation or allergic reactions.