Professional Products

As a pharmaceutical research laboratory with cGMP manufacturing capability, Vanton Research Laboratory is uniquely positioned to provide target oriented skincare formulations using our patented technologies and cGMP manufacturing experiences. 

For each skincare product, we continue to adopt pharmaceutical manufacturing rigor and quality assurance system –
  • Use USP (US pharmacopeia grade) or NF (National Formulary) grade raw materials whenever possible to ensure consistent and low impurity quality for better results.
  • Constantly updates and applies the latest technologies to surpass and improve status quo market formulations for consumer’s specific performance requirements in skincare and / or nutraceuticals.
  • With numerous on-shelves state-of-the-art skin care formulations in the production stream, we can also re-engineer existing formulas for client’s specific requests, including formulation forms (gel, hydrating cream, serum, etc).
  • Vanton continues to provide rigorous cGMP training for every level of our staffs, including execution of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and manufacturing batch records (MPR/BPR) to ensure every product meet the quality specifications and up to FDA’s cGMP standards.
  • Vanton Research Laboratory has been and is proud of partnering with many well-known skincare product companies from research, development to manufacturing.
  • From novel formulations, we offer flexible minimum order amounts and unparalleled customer service.
A partial list of our many product lines includes:

  • Total skin rejuvination products
  • Anti-aging cream and serum
  • Whitening cream and serum
  • Acne treatment formulation
  • Skin care beauty patches
  • Sunscreen products
  • Dry eye formulation
  • Hair and scalp treatment and conditioning
  • Weight control formulation with natural ingredients
  • Lowering CTS formulation with natural ingredients
  • Health drink formulation with natural ingredients
  • Vanton Lip Balm